You Wash your Hands Before You Eat. Do the Same for Your Produce. – Purely Essential

Healthcare experts, including the American Medical Association, recommend that we eat 3 to 5 servings of vegetables and 2 to 4 servings of fruit daily. However, fruits and vegetables can pose their own healthcare risk.  That’s because the produce we consume often travel for thousands of miles before it reaches our local supermarket. Dirt and other contaminants like waxes, fungicides, pesticides and chemicals are along for the ride. Even organic produce at the local farmer’s market has been exposed to dirt, insects and human hands.

 How can you get the vitamins and minerals that nature intended without any ill effects? Rinsing your produce with water alone simply isn’t enough. Wash away the contaminants (and the worry) with Purely Essential Fruit and Vegetable Wash, the original produce cleanser trusted round the world.

 Purely Essential removes nearly 400% more dirt and contaminants than water alone. It is a specifically formulated non-toxic soap that is designed to remove unwanted contaminants from the surface of produce. Naturally based surfactants (cleansing agents) attach to oil-based residues from chemicals/pesticides and breaks through their molecular structures. Purely Essential then dissolves these chemicals while simultaneously lifting unwanted contaminants off the produce so they can be easily rinsed away, leaving no sudsy aftertaste. Wash, not rinse. Your health is worth it.


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